Benardaki's space (2004)
video, 10:45, loop, full HD
The video that was shown as a videoloop is a part of the installation "BENARDAKI SPACE".
The installation took part in a travelling exhibition of contemporary art "Nizhe Nizhnego" within the competition "An altering museum in the altering world".

«The film is made up of the video material inherited from the local experimenter who had contacts with the Benardaki partnership. Unfortunately, he declined to give detailed comments noting only that in the «Bernadaki's space» unexplained things may occur with the human perception. «Better if you don't know it, - he warned us, left a mysterious artifact, disappeared and has never got in touch with us anymore». 

The curator of the project: Evgeniy Strelkov.
“Nizhe Nizhnego: The Latest Experience in the Volga Region Ethnography,” travelling exhibition by Evgeny Strelkov and Andrey Suzdalev / winner in “Regional Project of Contemporary Art” nomination