A film by created art-group PROVMYZA with co-authors, art-group “Boundless expanse” 
/Yevgeny Schlivko, Dmitry Stepanov,  Andrey Nosov, Anna Tolkacheva

description from oficial site of PROVMYZA


camera: S.Provorov/ 

cast: Mitiay Zamota,Dmitry Stepanov, Vladimir Parshin, Nikita Levitansky, Kirill Kuzharin,Yuri Zlatov, Timophey Malyarov, Ivan Loginov, Roman Balabanov
administrator: Andrey Nosov 
support: Volga-Vyatka branch of 
the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
The project “Canons and Eves” refers to a complex of notions based on  the binary opposition of "high and low" culture. Image of "grotesque body" which compilates in itself postulates of "sublime" and "humiliated" stands in the centre of the piece as an ethical element of overcoming naked man's  shame and obscenity. "Canons and Eves" thus becomes the expectation  of suffering in subjects, excluding the possibility of empathy between those who look and those who show.