Grandpa is Going to India, 2012
short movie, 19:41, DV
In his short film Grandpa is leaving for India the author shows the preparations of an elderly man to leave, emphasizing the way he interacts with his home which seems to have become empty even prior to his departure. Long takes and pauses evoke the feeling of gradually falling silence. The only obstacle has been left behind, but will never be overcome.  It fills the space with sound, but then falls behind, incapable of stopping the preparations. Grandpa’s home will remain empty and forlorn, but nevertheless any journey always leads to motion. Therefore, the silence fills his home not with sadness, but rather with concentration and the expectations of inner transformation. It is this transformation that will allow to hear the silence not as the absence of sound, but as the infinite echo of life and action.
Close Cirkle, 2013
short movie, 11:25, fullHD 
The characters of Close Circle are preparing to take some open-air photographs when suddenly they become the objects of an incorporeal and unfaltering gaze. They follow the instructions of an unknown voice that throws them into midst of physical hardships and trials. The question ‘who is speaking?’ is open and unsolvable: a person? an individual? a pre-individual? or maybe it is nature itself who started to speak?
Grand Model, 2013
short movie, 10:03, fullHD
Grand Model explores the gaze of an artist whose shifted mind acts in two directions: line-observation and line-affect. With both placed in muteness, the artist either silently contemplates or performs actions provoked by the affect. Ultimately, subjective consciousness gives way to the ‘speaking landscape'. The human is eliminated. Only pure contemplation remains.