Under The Chkalov’s Sky (2012)

The series of photographies which are taken in the city Chkalovsk (Nizhny Novgorod oblast) for the collective exhibition in the Russian Museum of Fotography with Nikita Savostikov, Michail Solunin, Olga Ugryumova.

As it is written in Wikipedia: 
"The famous Russian pilot Valery Chkalov was born in 1904 in Vasilyovo. In 1937, Vasilyovo was renamed Chkalovsk after him and in 1955 it was granted town status. Most of the original village was flooded by the Gorky Reservoir after the construction of Gorky Hydroelectric Station in 1955".

The aim of the exhibition is to show how people and the city that has historic value exist at present when its value is declining.