What tuno (shaman) said, 2014
video, 08:16, FullHD
Video - Part of the international project UDM.UPDATE dedicated contemporary ethnography
video, 03:24, FullHD
Zimenki Radio Astranomy Station has been staying half-ruined during many years. Nevertheless before it had an extensive spectrum of functions including investigations of radio emission of stars and galaxies, solar acitivity,ionosphere. The video «Radioloop» is an attempt to reconstruct the radioteleskope’s «look» that is fixed for a longtime and thereby to launch it symbolically. A chart recorder of solar activity that was found near the Radiotelescopewas used in the film as a stripe moving along the video frame and formed the basis of soundtrack synthesized by the electronic synthesizer ANS. This video is a part of the project “High Hopes Museum” (2015, Russian Federation, NCCA Arsenal).
animation movie,  03:17, FullHD
In the animation movie «Radiovoyage» hope displayed in the movie «Radioloop» takes on its artistic realization by the images of the past symbolic launch into outer space. Radiovoyage is not just a flight but a message for the future, a required set of images sent by people portrayed in them to the place they strive for all their brief earthly life. Radiovoyage is a message, stepping stone, starting from which you can move on. To where a human is led by hope of the «power» of his thinking and thoughts.