What Tuno (shaman) said (2014)

«What Tuno said» is work with a certain type of experience, with a certain type of artist's expirience which may be described as direct experience of what is visible immediately at the very moment of perception. Such an experience is akin to the experience of «direct knowledge» shamans work with in traditional cultures. Within the project the artist starting from the figure of Udmurt shaman poses a question of how such peculiar shaman's experience is related to the artist's experience.

The video is a part of the international project UDM.UPDATE dedicated to contemporary ethnography.

It is a part of the special dvd edition of the project UDM.UPDATE. 
The video was shown at the exhibition at Arsenal (NCCA Volgo-vyatka Branch), Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, that was presenting the project UDM.UPDATE.